.I would say I am in the middle, but I am not. On some things I am to the right, on some things I am to the left. And even that is not accurate.
For instance, just because I hold the view I should be able to own and carry a gun does not mean I am in the camp of typical guns proponents. It does mean I am not a fan of anti-gun activists.
Abortion and gay marriage are not issues affecting me, so I don’t have strong feeling about the subjects themselves. I do have strong feelings regarding people seeking to curtail or deny others the freedom of personal choice, so those two topics peripherally fall inside the circle of things I care about.
In general my political views have a libertarian slant. I am of the strong belief government should play a minimal role in the lives of people, especially since the majority of politicians appear and act as if they have been corrupted by the power they hold, and seduced by the easy money (meaning: bribes) associated with catering to special interest groups and corporations.
I have no illusion about either of the major party serving my needs or interests, and the smaller parties are often bat-shit crazies organized around simplistic and unrealistic agendas. I vote based on what I believe will be least harmful to things I am interested in.
Religious Views.I do not believe in gods. I do not believe in mystical forces. I do not believe in a universal intelligence. I hold no belief in anything which violates what we know about the real world